Cog Set Club Values

As parents, volunteers and riders, we all commit to the following:

  • Treat others as they like to be treated
  • Be kind to each other
  • Be inclusive
  • Be welcoming of new faces
  • Be proud to support everyone in your Club
  • Be a great sport: recognise effort and not just achievement
  • Be a great role model
  • Have fun

Cog Set Rider Commitment

  • I will look after my equipment
  • I will listen to my coaches and my parents
  • I will try my best
  • I will accept the decisions of my officials, coaches, volunteers and my parents

Cog Set Coach Commitment

  • I will prepare well
  • I will share good practice
  • I will keep learning
  • I will put rider welfare at the core of all I do
  • I will describe what is good, and support to do better
  • I will help riders to be the best they can be

Cog Set Parent Commitment

  • I will encourage my child
  • I will recognise and respect the commitment, knowledge and decisions of the officials, coaches and volunteers
  • I will let the Club know how best to meet my child’s needs
  • I will support all Cog Set riders, not just my own
  • I will volunteer too, sometimes